Monday, August 10, 2015

My Classroom

Welcome to my classroom! Let me take you on a tour! 

We like most first grade classrooms do calendar activities daily. For my calendar I use a real desk calendar that way I can write the kids birthdays and other important events directly on the calendar.  It also makes it really easy to go from month to month. 

I print our my calendar activities on bright colored paper and laminate.  We write directly write on them and change them as we learn new skills. 

At my school we don't have a lot of storage and the storage shelves we do have are where all can see.  Therefore I bought totes that matched my color scheme and  hide all the extra supplies.  I also keep it simple by using black and white labels so that I can print them here are school . 

When you are broke and need a comfortable place for kids, camping chairs work great. They are not only comfortable and cheap but you can put them away when you aren't using them.   I have 6 more hanging in the back .  We get them out for readers workshop and then put them away when we don't need them longer. 

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